Mapa CAM Cubas

Cubas de la Sagra is located in the southwest area of the Comunity of Madrid, in the well knownregión of “Los llanos”, at 40º 12’ latitude North and 3º 50º distance to the west. It’s at 648 metres high and it covers an extensión of 12,80 Km2 of township. The distance between Madrid and Cubas de la Sagra is 31 Km.

It is surrounded by different villages. On the North share a border with the village of Griñón, on the southwest with Carranque and Ugena (which belong to the province of Toledo), on the South with Casarrubuelos and on the east with Torrejón de la Calzada and Torrejón de Velasco.

The village of Cubas remains a relief with few geographical features where is easy to find fields with olive trees groves and cereal plantations, less frequent are the holm oaks and almond trees woods. Among the different species living around Cubas de la Sagra, the most important are:calandra larks, great bustard, red partridge birds, hoopoes, storks, small owls, rabbits and country mice.

Cubas belongstothewellknownarea of “La Sagra madrileña”, whichisalsocompound of othertownshipslikeArroyomolinos, Batres, Casarrubuelos, Ciempozuelos, Griñón, Moraleja de En medio, Serranillos del Valle, Torrejón de la Calzada, Torrejón de Velasco y Valdemoro.

The name of “La Sagra” was brought to light in the XIX century, establishing a direct relation with the area of La Sagra, natural and historical castilianregión which includes other villages belonging to the provinces of Toledo and Madrid. This term comes from the arabic “al-Sagra” which means cultivated field, although it could be related to the “Puerta de la Bisagra” situated in Toledo, named by the Romans as “Puerta de Vía Sacra” and later named by the arabians as “Bib-xacra”.